About Us

“Czech Association of Physics Students”: We are National Committee of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS).

CAPS was born out of the initiative of the organizers of FYKOS, a physics correspondence competition for high-school students (not only) in the Czech Republic, whose organizers joined IAPS.

Originally, we were a Local Committee Prague, then, in 2020 we decided to extend our activities and to attempt to systematically bring together students from all around Czech Republic.

Primarily, we aim at active students of universities in the Czech Republic. We do not restrict ourselves purely to the students of physics, we are open to both the students of related fields and graduates. Currently we are organizing events for younger students (mostly high-school), who also in some cases help with the organization.

Currently, CAPS only accepts Czech speaking students, however, if you are living in Czechia and would like to join us, feel free to contact us at iaps@fykos.cz

The EC of CAPS:
president: Bc. Martin Vaněk
+420 739 584 436

vice-president: Elena Chochoľaková
secretary: Vojtěch David
treasurer: Viktor Materna